About Dr. Belkhalfia

Dr Belkalfhia

Dr. Mostafa Belkhalfia [pron. bell-CALL-fee-yah] came to the United States from Morocco in 1984. He studied biotechnology and worked 10 years for a pharamaceutical company in California before he became fed up with traditional Western medicine.

Dr. Belkhalfia came to realize that many researchers never consume the prescription drugs that they themselves manufacture.

“They don't believe in Western medicine. They know the side effects,” said the soft-spoken Dr. Belkhalfia, as he commented on the all-too-common warnings in advertisements for prescription drugs. “The good thing about acupuncture is that there are no side effects,” he insisted.

Dr. Belkhalfia became fascinated with holistic (also known as wholistic) medicine and spent a year in China studying alternative medicine and theories.

Dr. Belkhalfia says, “The power that makes the body heals the body. Pain curbs pain,” and he believes that maintaining balanced energy is the key to good health.

While acupuncture is popular on the West Coast, Dr. Belkhalfia moved from California to Michigan to respond to and service patients in Michigan looking for alternatives to traditional medicine and treatments.

In addition to acupuncture and chiropractic services, Dr. Belkhalfia offers various treatments, including hijama, otherwise known as cupping, a treatment known well throughout China and in the Muslim world.

Dr. Belkhalfia offers his services from the Manor Chiropractic Center in Garden City, Michigan.

Let Dr. Belkhalfia provide you with services to relieve your distress from these ailments:

acid reflux, acne, arthritis, back pain, Bell's Palsy, carpal tunnel, diabetes, facial rejuvenation, headaches, impotence, muscle pain/strain, neuralgia, obesity, peripheral neuritis, smoking, stress, stroke, TMJ (jaw joint pain)

Man with back pain.